La Manera Más Fácil De Cubrir Un Pastel Postizo Usando La Técnica De Envolver Alrededor

Hola a todos! Este será la última publicación de esta mini serie de "Cubrir Pasteles Postizos en Fondant" ya que esta técnica también puede ser muy útil, especial mente si se esta cubriendo un pastel alto ("double barrel"). Después me lo agradeccerán... ¡ji-ji!

Para esto nececsitaremos los mismos materiales que usamos en la publicación anterior; un pastel postizo de Styrofoam, manteca vegetal, el cartón que preparamos con los clavos de flores para asegurar el pastel postizo, fondant amasado y fresco, 2 aplanadoras de fondant, un rodillo de cocina, azúcar en polvo o maicena, una cinta métrica, un chuchillo afilado y una regla de sastre.

Como de costumbre comenzamos con aplicar una capa delgada de manteca vegetal alrededor del pastel postizo para que el fondant se pegue al Styrofoam. Luego vamos a aplanar un pedazo de fondant con el rodillo y usando un cartón para pasteles (del mismo tamaño del pastel postizo) como guía cortamos un circulo aproximadamente 0.25" or 0.5" más grande que el cartón guía y lo colocamos sobre el pastel postizo.

Ahora, para el próximo paso necesitamos calcular la circunferencia del pastel postizo...

Ya sé... probablemente estan hiperventilando porque usé dos palabras que nos atromentaban en la escuela superior: calcular y

I know… you’re probably hyperventilating because I used two words that used freak us out in high school: calculate and circumference, but don’t panic… this time you’re allowed to use a calculator, and this is rather simple, really.

All you must know is how wide is your cake. Mine is a 6” round Styrofoam cylinder. Now take that number and multiply it by 3.14… So, in my case: 6” x 3.14 = 18.84. This means you need a little more than 18 inches to cover your cake all around so we’re going to go with 19 inches.

Sprinkle powdered sugar over your working surface and roll out fondant with but this time you need to roll a long wide strip of fondant. My strip needs to be 19” long and if your cake dummy is 4” high (as mine) add 0.5” to the width of the strip to make it a little bit taller than the cake. Use the quilting ruler to make straight sides to this 19 x 4.5 inch rectangle.

Sprinkle some powdered sugar over your strip of fondant so it doesn’t stick to itself and with the help of your quilter’s ruler wrap the fondant evenly around the small rolling pin as shown.

Then, take the dummy cake and push up all the fondant around the circle to make a small plate or shallow bowl and take the rolling pin with the fondant wrapped around it and start unrolling it and wrapping it around the cake with the help of your fondant smoother.

Once the cake is covered completely use a bench scraper to make a straight cut though both ends of the fondant and remove the excess fondant from the top and from under the seams. Push the seams together using your fingers and use both fondant smoothers to pinch the fondant on the seam. This way we can almost make that seam disappear.

Now use a sharp knife or an exacto knife to cut the tab created when you pinched the fondant and use the fondant smoothers to get rid of any dents or marks on your fondant and to smooth out the area where the seam was.

We’ll create the sharp edges at the top the same way we did on our previous post. So, place a big piece of wax paper over the cake’s top and remove the clips from the board to release the board from the turntable. Hold the cake board with one hand and remove the nails from under the cake dummy with your other hand. Then carefully flip the dummy cake upside-down, place it on your turntable and remove the board from the cake.

Use the binder clips to hold the wax paper to the turn table and use the fondant smoother to bring the fondant down towards the wax paper, pinching the fondant from around the cake against the circle of fondant on the turntable.

This will leave a big tab of fondant at the bottom, so pinch and squeeze it down because you want the fondant to fusion and not leave any seams. Then use your knife to cut that big tab all around and create a sharp edge.

Once you’ve finished cutting the excess fondant turn your cake right side up, remove the wax paper from the top of the cake, and “voilá!”

Here’s a short video with step by step instructions in case these instructions are not too clear so, check it out. Don’t forget to leave your comments and share it with others.

Until next time! 😊

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