I Won't Quit Blogging...

I've promised myself I won't quit blogging. It is so easy and tempting to quit for so many reasons.

For starters, I've been having some health issues and haven't had the energy, time or desire to either blog, record or edit any of my videos. First got the flu, then got a killer toothache that ended up with an extraction... but it took days before the infection went down so they could do the extraction... and then the healing... uuuugh!!!

So for the past 2 or 3 weeks I haven't posted any articles, or tutorials or made any videos and I feel like a failure... I feel like quitting because its easier than keeping up and taking it where I left it.

So, noticing I needed encouragement I decided to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place.

Well, first of all, I love writing and even though it is time consuming, I really enjoy it.

Another one of my reasons to blog is to help others by sharing a little bit of what I've learned. This I admit is pretty exciting... I guess my teacher vocation is still there even though I haven't been teaching in a school for over a year now; but every time people share they learned anything from one of my blogs or videos I feel I've accomplished something of great value... because knowledge is power!

So, besides enjoying the making of the videos and then killing myself with the edition I have to remind me... this is WORTH IT!!! So, move on and keep on...

Therefore I want to share with you one of my latest creations. There's no video tutorial for it because it was a last minute order (although I promised myself I wouldn't take any more of those... it was my brother who asked me for it for my sister-in-law's birthday).

Now the best past of this cake was the inside... it was gloriously diabolic!!! Five layers of cake (3 vanilla and 2 chocolate alternated) and in between the layers, Nutella buttercream, Rocher chocolates, hazelnut wafers and Kinder Bueno... TO. DIE. FOR!!!

Everyone got in some sort of trance when they tasted it because either their eyes rolled back and went all white or they slapped their knees and yelled: Oh My God!!!

Best of all, the birthday girl loved it, and we had a great family time.

Well this is it for this week... share this post with someone who needs a little encouragement or someone who needs to remember why they began that journey in the first place and why it is worth continuing to pursuit that goal or that dream.

I know I've quit so many times of so many things (like dieting)... but I need to do something different... give it a try... swim against the current. Or more likely, go against my desire of quitting because in the end I really enjoy caking and it is a great passion I've found and won't let go away!!! So, don't let your passion go away. Keep caking, or blogging or both or whatever it is you do... just do it!!! ;-)

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