How To Make Simple Filler Sugar Flowers

Hello everyone!!!

I’m very excited about this upcoming month because you know… Valentines, and cutesy stuff… plus I have some important birthdays coming up this month; my youngest brother, a very dear friend who’s like a brother from another mother, and (last but not least) my sweet daughter Emma is turning 8 years old! Therefore, is a month for celebrations and what a better way to say it than with flowers!

So, these next weeks I’ll be showing you how to make my favorite sugar flowers.

This week we’re going to make a very easy and simple filler flower. These are very useful when we’re making those flower cascades on wedding cakes… they are so beautiful. But they are a combination of the big flowers and the filler flowers. So trust me, these little ones are important.

To make one of these we’ll start with a small ball of gum paste and we’re going to roll it to get rid of all seams or dents. Then we’ll shape it into a teardrop shape.

Now we’ll use a star tool… this one is from a Wilton set but I’m pretty sure there’s a PME equivalent. We’re going to poke the teardrop shape on the thickest side and then we’ll use our fingers to press the gum paste around the tool. This will leave a hole in the shape of a star and that’s what we’re looking for.

Next, we’re going to cut the gum paste through each of the points of the star shaped hole. This means you’ll be making 5 cuts. You can do this with a sharp knife or with some small scissors used only for caking.

Once you cut all 5 points, you’re going to use your fingers to separate the petals. Use your fingers to press down the pointy areas and flatten the petals and make them round.

Then take a piece of flower wire (gauge 24 or 26) and use some pliers to make a hook on one of the sides of the wire.

Next, dip the hook on some sugar glue or piping gel; remove the excess glue and poke the gum paste flower through the center using the other side of the wire. Begin pulling the wire down until the hook gets stuck into the gum paste. Use your fingers to press the gum paste around the hook and secure the flower.

Now, with a ball tool thin out the edges of each petal to make it look more realistic. Then put a dot of sugar glue or piping gel in the center of the flower and put a dragee or edible pearl right where you put the glue or you could add a little bit more piping gel and add sprinkles at the center of the flower.

You can make these using your favorite color of gum paste and you can also use petal dust to add color to it. Also, you can cup the petals up to make them look like they’re not in full bloom yet.

Play with the colors, and the center combinations, and if you’re making them for a cascade or statement arrangement make sure you make plenty of these.

Store them in an air tight container and at room temperature. Do NOT put them in the fridge because they will start sweating the moment you take them out and nobody wants that.

Here's a short video with the whole process.

Well, I hope this tutorial is useful. Please share your creations with me. I can’t wait to see them! And don’t forget to pin this and share it with your fellow cakers.

See you next week! 😉

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